Women's Subject Today

A few years ago these three words designed in phrase, now well known, sounded like a natural disaster. And how they taught us that every disaster prevention is better than cure, quickly effective measures are taken to prevent the above. However, this "disaster" writes in an initial capital letter and fortunately one half of the human race on this planet, which today has 52% nor is prevented nor cured. Just spread with unstoppable speed.


Miraculous Auntie Bibia

A long time ago in ancient time, some nasty disease appeared, known as a plague of cholera. This disease killed lot of children. Just at that time aunty Bibia appeared in our country.


Roma Women's Center BIBIJA

Roma Women's Center BIBIJA was founded in 1998. The goal of our center is to make visible the problems faced by Roma women in society and its immediate environs, as well as the articulation of all kinds of needs that are necessary for healthy functioning and successful work. The group consists of 10 activists who are working actively in the Centre and in the field, as well as 10 professional workers, psychologists, pedagogue, female doctors who are expert team of our group. The times we live in increasingly difficult financial situation, have led to a situation where marginalized population groups are further marginalized. Women, in particular Roma, are among the most vulnerable category of population.