bibija logoA long time ago in ancient time, some nasty disease appeared, known as a plague of cholera. This disease killed lot of children. Just at that time aunty Bibia appeared in our country.

Nobody knew where she came from. Perhaps it is the sky came down from; perhaps she was sent by God to help the poor Roma people and to save the kids from death. It was a miracle, she was walking around the world making many miracles. Just that day when Auntie came down to the ground it rained all day. She had two faithful companions, two lambs that were with her - chilled together in the rain. Since darkness had fallen, they knocked on the door of a rural host. Nothing. She knocked on the second door, the third, but nobody wanted to open up to her. With her two lambs she reached the end of the village, hungry and chilled. While looking into the darkness thinking how far a neighboring village is, she remarked on a hill a few isolated houses. Slowly she walked toward them. When she came to the very house she saw that they were no ordinary farmhouses, but the hole dug in the ground and covered with weeds. Without hesitating she knocked on the first door. From the house she heard the baby's cries, then a female voice and the male. "Who are you so late banging on my door?, the male asked poking through the door. "I'm Auntie Bibia, poor woman with her two lambs traveling the world. We'd like to get some rest, "replied the poor woman. "Come on, we have only one room, me and my wife and six children. Come and welcome, host replied. Their house was close. In the middle was a smoldering old stump. Around the hearth six children were laying down. And all six were sick of the same disease that swept the world at that time.

In one corner there was an old goat, and the second was a crate of flour, empty. Except for a few crust of bread there was nothing more to eat. Seeing her guest chilled and feeling sorry on her lambs, the host wanted to move his two sick children away from the fire and make space for guests. Auntie did not want to, but she sat in a cold corner of the room and putting on her lap two lambs shared with them a piece of bread that was offered by her host. The next day, before dawn, the dreamy host heard something moving around the room. Opening his eyes he saw see Auntie Bibia and her lambs walking out of the room. When he tried to keep them and warm up, the guest replied, "Thank you, my good man. You gave us so much and wish you God give you a thousand and a thousand times more. But I must continue. Bewildered, the host asks, "So who are you woman?". "I'm Auntie Bibia - Suunto Bibi. I came to see you live according to God's holy commandments. This pestilence that walks in the world, is from God. It's punishment for sinners. You're nice to me last night, fed me and my two lambs and your children will be healed. For those who didn’t let us in warm houses, me and my two lambs, sick children will die, and the others will get sick." She even said something: "Tell all of our Roma should not to push away passengers and unexpected guests,  everyone who begs for a piece of bread give the last piece. And celebrate every year my day and make mention of me." After these words she disappeared with her two lambs.