A few years ago these three words designed in phrase, now well known, sounded like a natural disaster. And how they taught us that every disaster prevention is better than cure, quickly effective measures are taken to prevent the above. However, this "disaster" writes in an initial capital letter and fortunately one half of the human race on this planet, which today has 52% nor is prevented nor cured. Just spread with unstoppable speed.

No one is left out of the process. Neither Roma.

The balance between "male-female" from the perspective of men, until recently, was ideal. They held both sides, of course, in equilibrium. The disintegration of the so-called "Equilibrium" brought women so desired visibility. Roma women got visibility of their undeserved marginalization. So much mentioned and red letters printed double discrimination which women are subjected to the Roma people for centuries, today, in the third millennium, more apparent than ever. More visible and more intense than ever. The paradox, probably.

The currents of thought that have swept society about liberating women rarely have touched the Roma woman in her community. Closed and patriarchal community. Today these flows and currents are far more aggressive than before the existence of the famous words "feminism".

The word feminism is French, and first appeared in the early 19th century. In the vocabulary of "Robert" from 1837 is written that feminism is "a doctrine which is the subject of an expansion of the role of women in society." It seems that this perhaps the oldest definition best fits precisely the role that Roma women's organizations took upon themselves the last ten years. The recording situation obtained in the field is discouraging. We note a violation of human rights, especially women's human rights, in all domains. Education, health, choice of partners, environment ... In a word spoken, every step.

Six years of Roma Women's Center BIBIJA brought a Roma woman support in its fight for their rights in their immediate and wider environment.