10616115 322617571264465 4418981151822699992 nCommittee for Health Protection in SKRUG - League of Roma and BIBIJA Romani Women's Centre have carried out a series of roundtables in the campaign "16 days of activism against violence against women." In addition to drawing attention to the problem of the Roma community, one of the goals of these activities is the involvement of local Roma organizations in the work of the Council for Health at the local level. The latest in a series of events held in Lebane 15.12.2014. in the building of the National Employment Service - Lebane, aiming to contribute to the achievement of a dynamic civil society in this local community that actively raises questions and participate in the public debate on the need for social inclusion in decision-making and public policy.

The participants of the round table were representatives of local institutions, municipalities, centers for social work, primary schools, employment services, as well as civil society organizations from Nis, Aleksinac and Lebane.

It was pointed out that the area of social and health care are topics that occupy a lot of attention of civil society, but also open up the possibility for active cooperation with the institutions of civil society, especially at the local level. The importance of adequate and available social and health care in particular stands out in strategic documents of Lebane, as well as local action plans for Roma in the Municipalities of Lebane. The implementation of this document is the key issue that has to be raised by the Roma civil sector in the municipality.

The participants agreed that the highest municipal authorities must take a more active role in the initiation and implementation of measures and activities envisaged by the Local Action Plan for Roma in Lebane. At the same time the need for cross-section cooperation between institutions in the field of health care, education, employment and social protection is highlighted with the mandatory participation of civil society organizations.

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