Economic Empowerment of Roma Women: Improving Capacity for Employment and Self-Employment

logotipi-za-vest engIn partnership with the Association of Roma Novi Bečej and the Women's Roma Center Veliki Crljeni Lazarevac, BIBIJA Roma Women's Center is implementing the project "Economic empowerment of Roma women: increased capacity for employment and self-employment"

The project is funded by the European Union.
The overall objective of the project is aimed at improving the socio-economic situation and improving the social inclusion of Roma communities, especially Roma women.

Project activities will contribute to greater employability of the Roma and competitiveness in the labor market, motivation to asset job and start their own small business.

Attending courses as a central activity of the project will contribute to gaining better qualifications for performing specific interests, will encourage activation of job search

and strengthen the economic position of women in family and society.

Project activities are implemented on the territory of Belgrade: City Municipality Lazarevac, Novi Beograd, Rakovica, Čukarica and Novi Beograd, then in Novi Becej, Zrenjanin and Pancevo.