Project Description

To improve the socio-economic situation of Roma women/communities in selected locations in Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Capacities of Roma women's organizations will be strengthened to address Roma strategies at national and European level and interventions related to the rights of Roma women and the social inclusion of Roma communities. Project components are designed in a way to boost the confidence of Roma women, awareness of rights and the strengthening of skills as well as their social capital in terms of connections (relations) as well as their impact on the structural level (structure). CARE International Balkans and representatives  of partner organizations intend to achieve results by implementing a wide range of activities leading to four mutually supported components or expected results (ER) that are closely related.

ER1: Roma women and girls are empowered to exercise their rights to education, health and to life free of violence through targeted community-level assistance(at 9 localities project intents to introduce educational, health and gender-transformative type activities on local level through small grants which will be implemented by local organizations)

ER2: Local inter-sectoral coordination mechanisms established and strengthened to support the social inclusion of Roma communities(local organizations - working in the field will have the responsibility of establishing and coordinating cross-sectoral committees (CS committees) and local coordination mechanisms in order to thus ensure the best possible impact on the ground in municipalities in which they work; 9 community mediators will be trained and engaged to support interventions in the field in the area of education, health and gender-based violence)

ER3: National networks of Roma and non-Roma women organizations are capacitated to influence and monitor implementation of policies related to Roma women´s rights and gender equality on local and national levels and actively engage into accountability mechanisms (and to ensure a better potential for impact, coordination at the local level will be enhanced between different actors who can contribute to the social inclusion of Roma men and women)


ER4: Targeted Roma women organizations are strengthened to become active players in networking on regional and European level with Roma and non-Roma peer organizations and relevant institutions(this applies to regional exchange and networking among targeted project organizations and national networks, but also among Roma and organizations from the region and Europe. By providing opportunities to them to be associated with organizations and women from other countries and regions and to learn from them and to jointly contribute to the long-term fight represents an added value to the personal and professional level).

The total budget of the project is 1.100.000 Euros, 1.010.000 ensured by Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) and the rest, 90.000 Euros, by CARE funds.


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro

Partner Organizations

Association of Romani Women “Better Future city Tuzla”  – Tuzla, B&H

BIBIJA-Roma Women’s Centre – Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Center for Roma Initiatives – Nikšić, Montenegro


Austrian Development Cooperation


36 months (from 1 November 2015 – 31 October 2018)